Sunday, February 5, 2012

Works In Progress

So it is the beginning of February already? Sheesh.  I look down to get some work done and a whole month passes.

So here's what I'm working on!

9 months to graduation if all goes well.  This blog plays a small role in that.

HG World: The Googies
Our third season of episodes is live!  "HG World presents: The Googies" is the story of Ken Peters, a survivor who makes as living disposing of human remains and who lives a life about as free as it gets in the zombie apocalypse.  It all gets turned around when he meets a man making an offer he can't refuse and a mysterious, sexy boss who claims Ken is destined to save the world.

Last week Chapter 1 debuted to a quiet, but heavy bit of traffic.  In 24 hours it found its way to 250 subscribers (who I imagine have set their devices to auto-download new episodes on our feed) and another 150 within 48 hours.  Our live stream is pretty strong, but lighter than before.  This might be because we added "Stitcher" as a free streaming option for Android phones., one of our other hosts, is apparently "imploding" so our new episodes will not be featured there. 

HG World:  The Diary of Jill Woodbine
I just cast a wonderful actress who will narrate the diary of a young college student taking refuge inside the HG World facility.  Through her eyes we'll see into the private moments and secret lives of Jebediah, The Mayor, Ruby and Jack, Regina and others who keep the refugee camp running.  And the secrets she reveals will set the stage for the exciting final season of HG World in 2013.

The Road to Renascence
Still plotting the overall arc, this traditional western tale of exploration and self-realization is something I'm really excited about.  A western audio drama just like the "thrilling days of yesteryear" when kids heard about the wild west through their local radio stations.  Working on this for a 2014 run.

Blackjack Masterson: Space Ranger
I've offered this space western comedy to Gypsy Audio for production.  I'm just going to write this story of Aleric Beta, an orphan living at a "truck stop in space" making a living as a card shark playing drunk truckers for cash and cargo.  Aleric wins big when Quadrant Marshall bets and loses his title which forces this farm boy (by law) to rise to the challenge of being the only law in 100 parsecs.

A Billion Smithereens
Off and on, this project means a great deal to me.  More details as they come available.

The Citadel Boys
I should know better than to enjoy live theater while working on projects.  Now I'm amped up to revisit a stage play version of my online "Citadel Boys" series featuring some of the great artists of the past 100 years living and working together at the outer edge of Dante's Hell.  It's a mix of "Rent", "Hamlet" and "The Odd Couple" featuring Douglas Adams, Warren Zevon, HP Lovecraft, Eartha Kitt, Orson Welles, Edgar Allan Poe, John Gardner, Emily Dickinson, Charles Baudelaire and more!  Who knows when this will get written? 

I will NOT be attending Ravencon this year as a guest, but I may go down to see some good friends and check out the convention features.

Farpoint Convention - February 17-19th in Towson, Maryland!  Come out and see me and some of the HG World cast and crew talking about audio drama, zombies and whatever the hell else the fine folks at the convention want us to talk about. Fun con, fun hotel, nice bar! 

If you're still looking for something to do Memorial Day, how about Balticon?  ()  Mike Stokes and I will definitely be there talking up the show.

Shore Leave details are still up in the air.  Stay tunes.

I have not heard news about Philcon 2012 beyond a promise of "big news" from the convention chair.  There will be a con, but the location and dates are still unknown.     

Additional speaking engagements are coming up, but nothing firm yet. 

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